SMBs Expect to Grow Revenue and Spend on Tech

SMBs are optimistic about increasing revenue in 2015, and almost four in 10 plan to up the ante on tech investments this year. By Andrea Coombes When you’re busy running a small- or mid-sized company, it’s tough to stay up-to-date on what other businesses are doing. But gaining insight into how other SMB owners are….. Continue Reading

July 16, 2015 Tech4BusinessNow Article

Data Storage: Cloud vs. Hardware

You need to back up your business data to a secure location, but should you use hardware or a cloud-based solution? We look at some pros and cons of each. By Terri Coles Cloud services for data back-up and storage are increasingly common and becoming more affordable. But how do you choose between a cloud-based….. Continue Reading

July 14, 2015 Tech4BusinessNow Article

Pay It Safe

Secure payment systems are as important for small-business owners as they are for multi-billion dollar companies.

July 13, 2015 Tech4BusinessNow Resource