Infographic: Optimize Your Business with the Right Payment System

With the payment systems industry quickly expanding and evolving, small- to medium-sized retail owners are finding themselves increasingly confused about the current solutions available and which system might be best for their specific needs. The payment system is crucial for everything from store management to the overall customer experience and security. Here are a few….. Continue Reading

October 13, 2015 Tech4BusinessNow Resource

Manage Your Printers to Manage Your Costs

Failing to manage printers efficiently can hamper employee productivity and raise business costs. Here are some printer management tools and strategies for SMBs to consider. By Terri Coles As a business grows, so does its fleet of printers—and so do the potential costs and headaches. We’ve all been there: you’re waiting on a document you….. Continue Reading

October 13, 2015 Tech4BusinessNow Article