Marketing Technology Tools and the Evolving SMB Marketer

October 2, 2015 Tech4BusinessNow Seminar

Wednesday, October 14th
12:00pm ET
Register: Marketing Technology Tools and the Evolving SMB Marketer

This web seminar will educate SMBs on the best practices in using technology for marketing. Our expert speaker, Travis Wright, is one of the most influential marketing technologists in the industry and will help our audience navigate tech tools available to enhance customer experience, drive ROI, and build customer loyalty.
MarTech is a hot area and one that SMBs are struggling to keep up with. This is supposed to be the decade of the CMO, yet most CMOs of companies of all sizes struggle with implementing tech in their marketing strategy. We will help them understand how to look at MarTech, learn the foundations of the SMB “Marketing Technology Stack”, what to focus on and how to choose what they need. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The foundation of the MarTech Stack (and the players in the space)
  • Top social content creation, curation and other marketing tools.
  • How to amplify content effectively via social media.
  • How social business can impact all areas of your business.