Choosing the Best Source of Online Funding for Your SMB

Financing an expansion or securing working capital has never been easier than it is today. By Andrea Holved For business owners seeking working capital or financing for a new product line or expansion, there’s never been a better time. Since the JOBS Act became law in 2012 and Title II of the law went into….. Continue Reading

October 28, 2015 Tech4BusinessNow Article

Tech Tools to Streamline the Hiring Process

As your SMB grows, finding the best-fit candidates to fill key positions can be a costly challenge. Recruitment tools can help smooth the way. By Terri Coles As your SMB grows, the task of hiring employees becomes one of the most critical—and most expensive—decisions. These days, new tech tools for hiring can help you make….. Continue Reading

October 27, 2015 Tech4BusinessNow Article

The Decision: Buy or Lease New Equipment?

If it’s time for your SMB to invest in new IT hardware, consider the pros and cons of buying versus leasing. By Andrea Holved When the time comes to acquire new computer equipment, there are generally two options: buy or lease. But it can be difficult to discern which option is best for your business…… Continue Reading

October 22, 2015 Tech4BusinessNow Article